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  • When do we know when we have gotten to the root?

  • Moshe Daniel

    December 12, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    Hi friends of Holistic Counseling:
    April wanted to know the following:

    quote :

    When do we know when we have gotten to the root?

    This is a good question and is both simple and can appear, at times, complex.
    The answer is, when you\’ve found the thread, ie you see an issue appearing across the board, of their lives, their relationships, their job, their friends, etc. – you see this thread of a belief system affecting their lives everywhere, for eg I am not good enough. Or The World is against me. This, in and of itself, is A root. I write \”A\” root and not THE root, but really there may be no difference. Any difference is revealed when you begin applying the \”What to do with the underlying Belief / The Root\” – So, if you ask Do you want to keep living this way?\” and they say \”No\” and then you ask, \”So is there anything stopping you from letting this go?\” and they say \”Yes, this and this\” then you have to explore \”this\” and \”this\” – until you get to the bottom line… Basically, you have arrived at THE Root when there is no longer any more answer to \”So is there anything stopping you from letting this go.\”

    As you practice, this process and the question of, how do you know when you\’ve gotten to the root, will become clearer.

    quote :

    How often should we do a HC session? Do we need to space them out, like once a week, once a month?

    If you get really deeply to a root that you help a person see past, this is majorly impactful, and so, having sessions too often is too much, because it is like saying \”You need more\” when they don\’t. All they need is to work on the stuff they\’ve discovered and allow the mind, emotions and body to \”catch up\” and shift into the newfound and freed space. So, I suggest, following a really good Holistic Counseling session, once / month.
    If they continue to struggle, and you had to live it a little in limbo, or with them working on some questions, then once every 2-3 weeks.

    quote :

    After we do the 10 clients and take class 2 and get certified do we start charging at that point? What should the fee be?

    Yes, you could charge after you\’ve been Certified through our website as a Holistic Counseling practitioner. How much is up to you.
    At the beginning, I\’d say a minimum of $60 / hour.

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