A Vision for Planet Earth - A Nu Humanity

There dwells in the pure potential a way of living together in harmony.

The General Ideas of Nu-humanity:

There is only One.
This One-ness permeates all principles and all of existence, all people, nations, religions.

One of the most important ways the Oneness shows itself is through each person being a Sovereign representation of this One and sharing its root Nature.

The Sovereignty of the individual is what we hold dearest in this Land. The One Itself is the Dearest.

We all have the right to be as we choose to be.

No one, ever, can impose or force restrictions on that.
If anyone or anything does, you know it comes as the Opposition to this truth. Plain and simple.
So the only Law that need be is this. No one can violate the will of an individual to do and live as they choose.

The Earth is also One, and We all share it. =m

This means One nation. It does not mean New World Order whereupon a few decide how the rest have to live.

The One nation is the Nu-humanity.

The One nation accepts all walks of life, all religious affiliations, all sexual orientations, all languages and all countries.

The One nation accepts men and women as equal and would like to be able to refer to them as such. We accept individual different expressions, so long as these modifications respect the rest of the world’s preference to refer to men and women, as well as their anatomy, in the traditional sense of the word.

The One nation accepts freedom of speech, in all its forms.

If a form of speech is representative of dark and futile thoughtforms, the freedom of speech allows others to speak out against it. Speech itself must always remain free. Debate is celebrated and helps us grow.

We support the liberation of suppressed medicines and biological technologies that can greatly enhance our lives. We do not support A.I. gaining anywhere near enough power to violate the One law of the freedom of choice.


We allow people to make their own choices in medicine and we will make available the greatest inventions and ancient secrets and current amazing knowledge that greatly augments the health of Nu-humanity and speeds us along the evolutionary path toward full experience and expression of the I AM on this very earth.

The One nation accepts ownership of land and property, but not of people.

When a person realizes that they are simply guardians of what they own, and that ownership is only temporary, they can give their land and property to the One nation to be shared with all people. That person may continue to be steward of that land or property for as long as they wish or until they move on to the next world.

Gold metal works in a very similar way to land and property. c2

If you have gold, you keep it as its guardian, and its value is added to the sum that all people share equally and can do with as they like. This is a gold backed currency called C2s – Collective Credits. All the gold in the world is heavy and can be divided up into sizeable chunks for people to give and take in the exchanges of their daily lives and to share the happy burden.

This monetary system is created for the people of One nation and no one person can gain power over any of the system. The system is made to serve the people and can never gain governance over the people.


The cost of objects in Cs on the earth, like food items, clothing, and cars, will be voted upon and carefully assessed according to the total sum of Gold available to share, so we can have as much abundance as we choose.

This system will continue to improve and evolve as we improve and evolve with it. Monetary systems are always based on the value of the currency they are ascribed. This is agreed upon in everyone’s mind. We agree in this system that, through its simplicity, helps everyone actually be on even ground, and they may use the abundance in whatever way they deem pleasing to their inner workings, except where it violates the One law, in which case, the people can raise an outcry to oppose any business enterprise that seems bent on profit over anything we value as most important in our world. The simplest method is to not support such a business in any way.

Clean, Environmentally Friendly, and Free Energy E


The One nation will support its people to operate on the cleanest, freest, and most environmentally friendly energy that science and true discovery have to offer, especially those discoveries that are spoken so little of and have been suppressed, due to the great liberty they would bring planet earth with their full and free release.

Open to True Scientific Inquiry

Nu-humanity accepts the idea of a Flat Earth as one of those things we have open discussion and debate about. We think there are so many really compelling discoveries people are making as they look honestly at the earth and we welcome all these discoveries, as well as other discoveries of science that are grounded in the I AM's reality. We value a direct and intuitive knowing each of us possesses as an inspiration for all inquiry and research.


Nutopia is a nation that John and Yoko initiated on April 15, 1973. Lennon’s song “Imagine” exemplifies this vision.

Nu-humanity’s vision of an Imagine Nation differs slightly from Lennon’s Imagine in that, people do have possession in the way we stated above and, we do imagine religion. We recognize its problems but accept and welcome its presence on the planet. It is in the basis of religions and spiritual paths that hold the most important visions for humanity and prophecies that we are seeing unfold before our eyes. Religion’s bottom line is God, which is the bottom line and central dot of the I AM, even if aspects of it got tangled up in the scriptures and contributed to a lot of suffering on the planet. All things can be healed. We would rather heal what is, rather than destroy and have to rebuild everything from scratch. There is more mercy in this and its much more permacultural.

The Nu in Nu-humanity is inspired by John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Nutopia