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  • James A.L. Cullumber

    May 27, 2015 at 6:42 am


    Name\’s James.

    Brief intro about me is that… I\’m a life scientist.

    Thanks to the teachings of Joseph H. Cater, whose dead because of a disease that was never said, I\’ve learned so many things that are not in today\’s standard education, whether in the internet or the schools of today.

    Only those who really seek can find it. What has this one found? The true past, the current present, and the future that the present is making due to the past building.

    The Moe-Joe Cell. By concentrating the right kind of \’Soft electrons\’ you can recreate a flame with the little to no use of a combustible fuel.

    The Riech Cloudbuster. By taking away the \’Hard Electrons\’ you can take away heat which includes radioactive substances, guns firing, engines running, and blazing flames.

    The truth about radiation from Radioactive Isotopes. Uranium (U235) is dangerous by itself if it\’s above the critical mass. It\’s weight in critical mass is 20 lbs. Plutonium only needs 2.5 Kilograms to reach it\’s critical mass, which can be dangerous to those who are not use to the energy.

    The Quartz Crystal. 1 Cubic foot is capable of holding 40 Megafarads due to it\’s capacitive nature. That\’s enough to power bluildings using 1 volt and 100-Amp for 10 years.

    Life Scientist, an unorthodox scientist that seeks truth while finding ways to enhance life. Downside, you never get paid in money. Upside, you get paid in smiles.

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