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  • Favourable materials to use to charge up Joe cell

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  • Moshe Daniel

    June 4, 2012 at 2:54 am

    This is new from James Goss – relating to the thread on \”Unit Charge\”

    quote :

    If a Joe cell has a metal outer container that is isolated from earth ground, an electric field produced by unit charge will exist and be enhanced by the outer metal container. I have tested both metal and glass containers and they both allow unit charge to develop, but metal seems to produce the larger amount by several thousand volts. No matter where a cell is going to be placed for operation; unit charge will be generated if both the cell and its supply battery are isolated from earth ground.

    I have often said Glass is the best for charging the cell. that is how it felt to me. According to Goss\’ research, metal containers surrounding the cell, especially above, will help the cell to develop a greater unit charge.

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