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  • Joachim Boettger

    March 31, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    There is a lot of dynamic in the free energy themes and revelations these days, telling us that there will be a small window, in which these technologies are no longer very eagerly suppressed but be brought into peoples\’ minds who are really \”searchers\” and \”D-I-Y-Performers\”, who will not search for personal profit from these technologies. This Technologies are reserved for the time the system has either be peacefully reformed from bottom-up or violently removed with massive body-Count.
    Either way the greed-system is of the old now fading times.
    Anyone who tried to bring the technology of the future aquarius time togehther with the greedy selfish thinking of the fading times is either dead or calmed now.
    This is not the work of superior elite powers who just try to prevent the world from shaking of the slavery system in which we live now and they have put upon us to wring out the last dime out of our productiveness, by repeatedly reassuring our stone age minds that scarcity is the character of the universe and you have to pay for everything you take.
    No, though they are often directly responsible for the suppression of the technologies we must zoom out of this narrow view and see mankind and its action still within the laws of the universe (homo sapiens in his hybris often sees himself abandoned from all, thus sometimes feeling like a nature exploiting virus on this planet,sometimes like the uncrowned king of it all, but never like a fully implemented wonderful manifestation of god-like energy in the dualistic advaita).
    It lies in the laws of the universe itself that these technologies belong to a new age, where mankind has realized that not scarcity but overwhelming plenty is the true character of God\’s wonderful universe, thus removing any need to suppress others,steal their ressources and robbing their lifetime and exploiting their powers. But the universe itself allows not that ages get mixed.since tis would not be useful,plainly expressed: just not possible.
    Since now is the time of transition from the old to the New Age, in which the ruling background-elite tries to transform it by massive genocidal wars and their beliefs in the armageddon,murdering,poisoning und cannonfoddering most of us sheeps, there will be a chance for a third way…a peaceful revolution…like the fall of the german wall,but dimensions bigger…at the moment it seems like the most improbable, because the masses are kept hypnotized by mass media, interest-slavery jobs , too busy just to get by, too unwilling to accept and welcome change….But the Chance is still there.So wake em all up and make\’em see.
    This piece of technology that I will link here is the life work of a little german inventor,called Wiiliam Erk, who bequested it to mankind, died in the age of 83,a fact, which tells us that he never tried to make any profit or tried to selfishly establish a profit-orientated firm upon his ideas. Otherwise he would have died in mysterious manners at an earlier age.
    So let Yourself take a warning….anyone who will try to mix the old selfish greediness and misuse the knowledge during the transition time will pay for this violation of universal laws. But non-profit-organisations who just are able to keep their businesses alive with their received funds or generated income, or the measure of making a foundation to collect funds and give the technolgy to the people without payment will work. But it is a thin line ,since money itself is of the old.

    The window is opened now.
    These technologies have to be put into the people\’s minds, because there is a strong danger of all knowledge which nowadays is just digital and thus easily eraseable for example by massive EMP-Weapons or EMP-Effect, it has to be put in biological data storage, human minds to make it through the transition time,whichs path is not yet decided.
    Anyway the future will arrive this knowledge will give everyone the Chance of creating paradise on earth, a wonderful place in the universe,whichs ,i repeat: major feature is the plenty not the scarcity….only the dark and light-distal try to make us believe that there is not enough for all,this earth once was planned ,capable of providing food,energy and prospereous joyful living for 20 Billion individuals.

    To wipe out 60-70% of the worlds population is thus unnecessary and a true dark plan, god loves all his children, elite or plebs, dumb or blind, deaf or sick….

    Wake up—transform build,work togehter, unite.
    The technology itself will remove the worries of scarcity in peoples minds, thus giving relief and accelerating the change of counsciousness,which is necessary. I will keep providing my results.

    But get active on your own. I will make a technical translation of the manual, bur it will take some time, since this is all just gone public. help yourself with the google-translator,maybe the only useful element left on google since they turned dark.

    This link leads to construction plans,3d models for CNC-machines of a waterfueled motor, which runs almost forever on a onetime injection of 5 ml of rain-water which is its fuel and which it recycles and it produces great torque and an estimated power of 120 hp. The only problem is the friction of the three moving parts…..the team behind the site is working on a graphite version to make it lighter and more durable.
    This motor plan is open -source so do not mess with the laws of the universe. It is patented in Germany.
    This motor can provide steam,heat,propulsion, propelling generators,can be regulated in its RPMs.

    Look for a CNC machinery in your local area, order, build, comment.

    I will order one myself. It is D-I-Y…maybe they will sell some kits but its much too early to speculate…free energy ideas are exploding right now.
    Making clear that the transition is taking up speed.

    Happy Easter to all Nutopians


  • Moshe Daniel

    March 31, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    Joachim, you really have a great sense of these things, and you very much fit with our philosophy of Nutopia / EveryNationLand! We agree! Yes!
    Thank you for sharing this.

  • Joachim Boettger

    March 31, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    I just try my very best to give something back to Nutopia, since it has already given so much to me.

    I have further learned something about Joe-Cells how to condition them, so they produce more hydrogen,while consuming less Amperes…

    I will soon tell you, but I have to verify the whole stuff first. I do not have built one on my own, recognizing the superior moshe-Daniel-spherical design but I found some people who made some very interesting conditioning on tubular designs, whicht provide a acidal coating on the one polarity of the electrodes(dense and white and insulating) . The Amps are massively reduced,but the hydrogen production is kept on very good level if not enhanced.

    Maybe some Nutopians could help,providing cells and experiment time.

  • Moshe Daniel

    March 31, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    yes. I\’d like to have a discussion open up in the Joe Cell forum, about HHO production. It very much has to do with using a combination of 2 frequencies, in my understanding, which greatly reduces the need for higher amperage.
    I\’ll contribute more of what I know when you open this discussion on the Joe cell forum.

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