• The Truth About the Flu Shot

  • Svea Block

    November 29, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    Now is the time of year where we see \”Flu Shots Here\” all over the place. It is the time of changing seasons, and also the time of \”catching\” the flu. Many people live in fear of the flu and get a shot to protect against the virus, but are they doing anything else to protect themselves?

    Since this is my blog, I am going to express myself openly and freely about vaccines, specifically the flu vaccine. If you know me, then you know that I am against all vaccines. I believe in your body\’s innate ability to fight these diseases and also to be protected against them (as well as the healing power of nature medicine).

    First, in my experience with this specific vaccine, I have noticed that although people get the vaccine, they still get the flu. Doesn\’t this seem ironic? They get a vaccine to protect against the virus and then get the virus anyway. We also see this with many other vaccines, including the chickenpox vaccine. The vaccine companies never claim to protect against all strains of flu virus. In fact, they state that their vaccine doesn\’t protect against all strains of the virus, but instead only a select few they think might be popular that year.

    In 2009, we experienced the H1N1 flu \”outbreak\” hype. In Michigan (and I\’m sure other states too), many schools were closed because so many children were infected with a flu virus. Many people were weary of getting the vaccine since it was such a \”new\” thing and they didn\’t know what it would do for their health (the vaccine). Many other people lined up in herds to get the vaccine. I, on the other hand, did not get the vaccine. Local health departments experienced shortages and some people were even turned away. I\’m sure you all remember this experience. So what happened with the H1N1 hype?

    Well… nothing, really. Some people died, yes. But, less people died from this flu than the regular seasonal flu. I also saw a tremendous amount of people that were affected or injured by the flu vaccine. People developed neurological disorders over night and some pregnant women lost their babies. To me, the injury from the flu vaccine was worse than the actual flu. And, drug companies made WAY more vaccine than what was actually used, so they had to deal with the excess vaccine. Guess what folks…. THEY ARE PUTTING THESE EXCESS H1N1 VACCINES IN THE SEASONAL FLU VACCINE.

    Also, vaccines are very toxic substances. There are many different ingredients, including egg proteins, polysorbate 80 (carcinogenic), formaldehyde, Triton X100 ( a strong detergent ), sucrose, gentamycin (an antibiotic), and thimerosol.

    Thimerosol is the ingredient that contains high amounts of mercury. If you know anything about health, then you know that mercury is toxic to your system… this is one reason why they no longer have mercury thermometers, or other products with mercury. The mercury in one vaccine is enough to shut down a 10 acre lake (if found in the water). This mercury is also a huge culprit in the cause of autism, and other neurological disorders that children are developing.

    Essentially, autism was unheard of 20 years ago, even 10 years ago. When I was in school, I didn\’t know one student who had autism. If you go into a public school now, many children have autism and the numbers are growing. The beautiful thing about the human body is that it can regenerate. Most doctors tell you that autism is not reversible, however, I know that it is. If you are a parent of a child with autism, remember, there is hope. I see many parents who think there is no hope, but by fixing the diet and doing simple cleanses, their children begin to speak, begin to interact, and begin to heal.

    The flu is a virus that is contagious. We all know that. But, why do some people get the flu and others do not? If your immune system is strong enough, it will fight the flu virus right away. You might have the virus on you or inside of you, but the body will destroy it immediately. If your immune system is worn down, the virus might have more time to incubate in your body and replicate. After a few days the body will recruit its helpers to get rid of the foreign pathogen. It is at this time that you will begin to feel sick…when the body is in full attack mode. This is a common misunderstanding about the flu, most people think it is the virus that is causing you to feel so bad, but, it is the body\’s immune system attacking the virus and killing it.

    This process requires a strong immune system, and unless you are eating healthy, exercising, and stress-free, then you probably have a weakened immune system. The immune system can become weakened from many different things, including: stress, environmental toxins, heavy metals (like mercury in the flu vaccine), prescription medications, poor mental attitude, fear, unhealthy food, and many more.

    There are natural things that you can do to prevent the flu!

    First and foremost, do not live in a state of fear. Do not fear the flu! Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet (raw and local preferably) and exercise daily. Echinacea is a big immune system herb and will help to protect you in this season of the flu. Astragalus is also great for an immune boost, as well as wheatgrass juice. If you do start feeling ill, you can take goldenseal to help your body get rid of the virus immediately. If you are in the midst of the flu virus, you can turn to homeopathy for quick relief. Homeopathy is another topic for another time, but is available. It was the only treatment that provided relief during the time of the 1918-1919 Spanish flu (many homeopaths did not lose any of their patients during this very deadly flu!).

    And, always remember, if you take care of your body, it will take care of you!

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