• Keegan Adair Ratajczak

    January 30, 2012 at 3:45 am

    we should be able to set our page up any way we want it. This place is set for great vibes and Think more people would get into it and stay on it if they could do more stuff to personalize their page. And also For new messages an icon should pop up on your main page.

  • Svea Block

    January 30, 2012 at 11:51 pm

    Hi Keegan,

    I LOVE this suggestion. This is like no other site I have seen, and would love to see something like that here.

    We are having a meeting with our development team within the next few weeks. We will see what we can do!

  • Joachim Boettger

    February 3, 2012 at 3:24 am

    Hello again, I was busy selling our property,since we have moved to a neighbour town and had no spare-time for nutopia, but i\’ve done a little research on free energy devices which will be fruitful for the interested nutopian, which i will soon post after having achieved the first successes….

    For the time being I made a small donation, to help sponsoring the meeting with the development team.

    A good friend of mine is a webdesigner living in San Francisco, maybe I can sparkle some moneyless efforts on his behalf to help developing some source code for this site, since we have to try to overcome the bondages of the fiat money sytem at first for ourselves and our goals.

    I eagerly try to build a local all-providing system, gathering people and friends who will work 1 hour for an hour for each other, thus taking the energy out of the system which feeds a lot of suckers who do not provide anything useful to the society, but get everything.
    An ordinary worker has to work 8 hours for being able to pay 1 hour of another worker with different abilities…which means there is a direct/indirect tax rate of over 80% on work feeding all the parasites.

    To change the system, we have got to reduce this direct/indirect taxation by forming local groups of up to 11 persons(Jesus taught us that problems increase with more than 11 ;-)) with different abilities who treat each other like family-members,where no money gets exchanged but efforts,physical like repairing a Computer or non-physical like giving each other protection and the feeling of being loved without a dollar exchanged.

    I call this the \”mml\”-system which stands for \”manus manum lavat\” which is latin for : One hand washes the other.

    So take care and thanks to all the good ideas which where written down,while I was absent.

  • Svea Block

    February 3, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    Thank you, Joachim, for your generosity in helping the development of this community.

    I love what you wrote in your last post. I love the idea and I long for the day where we can all live in communities together and work to help each other. In the future, we (Nutopia/EveryNationLand) will have an exchange system – service for service. I am a Naturopath and Homeopath and would offer my services for fellow nutopians. Everyone offers their expertise in their field.

    I\’m also interested in knowing about the groups of 11 or less. Where does Jesus teach that? It does seem like you would have more problems in bigger groups – people that don\’t want to do the work and just take from the system.

    Where are you setting up this system?

  • Joachim Boettger

    February 3, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    Hello Svea, that is right, if everybody offers something in his/her field, the field where the skills grow almost automatically, where his/her soul is comfortable in through many incarnations and not being forced to work in, because of systemic necessities.
    There would be a great variety of all needed abilities, which make small communities able to survive on their own, needing only to pay for material, produced by others/other communities.

    An exponentially growing money system like ours which is driven by the compound interest that makes its basement can only survive on a longer term by generating growth constantly,thus building up exponentially growing energy hunger,man-eating and health consuming hunger.
    But at a certain point of time the system gets instable, since the growth cannot be upheld to the level the exponentially growing debt can grow.
    Ancient civilisations and creeds had this experience long ago. A compound interest system, which is useful to help keep money rotating and floating would always soon end up with the wealth accumulated in the hands of a few, and the majority loaded with debt. So if the ancient people chose a compund interest system, they would establish a cycle of i.e. seven years, where all debt got annulated and the system was reset.
    Since the system we live in nowadays has been made globally accepted and it includes all world markets the point for this reset could be prolongued to the future.
    But it really seems that it will inevetibly go the way of all compound interest systems without an implemented debt reset. It resets itself,folllowing the uiversal law of dealing with exponentially growing systems.
    This we have to be prepared for, we have to have a new vision in the cupboard to pull out.

    Democracy is nowadays translated with the people who are in charge, whole nations,states,big big institutions, which ask their inhabitants in big events who should play the political theatre. This is all wrong and so much away from the democracies of the ancient greeks,its inventors.
    They tell us \”demo\” in democracy means \”the people\” which is all wrong since the meaning of the greek word demos would mean the area of a small town or city.

    This is democracy about, the greeks knew too well that if systems get too big, they tend to be abused by a few,since the control gets lost.

    The ancient greek democracies have thus been only democracies established in their towns,which formed autarc states which cannot be compared to the megacities of our times.

    A few sociologists who research group dynamics developed the idea, that systems of a few people work best and most stable, since nobody can hide, or do less than the average, since it would not take too long for the black sheeps to be identified,which gets harder the bigger groups get.
    They brought up the theory that even Jesus and his disciples represent an example of how small groups tend too break up if bigger than 11…
    I stumbled across this idea and mentioned it here and put a smilie behind it because it is no law and no teaching of Jesus, but moreover a conclusion one could derive from the biblic history of Jesus.

    Sincerely Yours


  • Moshe Daniel

    February 3, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    Well said Joachim.
    Good thoughts there and good exposure of some of the principles that have simply not worked for this earth – or just worked for the greed of a few.

  • Svea Block

    February 4, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    I agree.

    It is inevitable. The system is bound to crash at some point.

    Thank you for sharing, Joachim.

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