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  • Svea Block

    November 29, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    A couple of days ago I woke up with a pink and itchy eye.

    I have only had pink eye one time in my life, and I was shocked to find that I had it again! I live a very active and healthy lifestyle and haven\’t been in contact with anyone who was infected. Usually when people have pink eye, they run to their doctor and ask for antibiotics. I, on the other hand, was excited to test my knowledge of natural cures!

    Through my family line, I learned of a folk remedy that is reportedly good for pink eye… a tomato.

    So, I decided to try it. I sliced a juicy tomato and let it rest on my eye for about 10 minutes. It didn\’t feel irritating to my eye, but instead, felt very cooling and helpful.

    The next day my pink eye was still there, but this time with a little bit of puss too. I wasn\’t too sure if the tomato actually helped or not, but it sure felt good when I did it. On this day, I decided to try out another natural remedy for pink eye.

    Colloidal silver has been found to be very successful for the treatment of pink eye (especially if it is a bacterial infection). Colloidal silver is a good supplement to take around the \”flu season\” as it helps to rid your body of those \”bugs\” that make you sick!

    I dropped some colloidal silver (which is actually a liquid solution…it looks just like water) into the top of a cap and then dropped it into my eye. I thought this might burn a little bit, but it just felt like water drops. This liquid felt soothing to my irritated and itchy eye. I also avoided contact with my infected eye, although it was itchy and irritated.

    The next day my pink eye was mostly gone, and the day after it had completely disappeared. This was a very successful case of a natural treatment for pink eye.

    Antibiotics are way overused in our society. Why not try a very cost effective, natural remedy that works just as well, or better, than antibiotics!

    To your health!

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